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Software Engineer

Improve an organization's products and services by utilizing my skills and experience developing a broad range of Engineering and Information Technology solutions.


A dependable, detail-oriented technology professional with years of experience engineering software and equipment. Major experience in the crane and agricultural equipment industries with some in the food packaging and defense industries.



Engineer and commission electrical control and monitor systems.

Develop information technology and engineering software applications.

Design and test hydraulic and drive train components for mobile equipment.

Software Engineering

Programming Languages: C, C++, FORTRAN, Basic, HTML, Java, Visual Basic, SQL, JavaScript, ASP.NET, and C#.

Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows and DOS, Windows Server, IIS, Linux, and IBM VM/SP.

Development Systems: Microsoft Visual Studio and Eclipse

PLC Programming: Allen-Bradley ControLogix, MicroLogix, SLC500, and PLC-5; Siemens Simatic STEP7; Omron.

Networking: Ethernet and Profibus.

HMI systems: C/C++ graphics tools, GE Total Control (TCP), Rockwell Software RSView and Panelview; know some WINCC.

Design Engineering

Engineer electrical control and monitor systems using industrial computers.

Design hydraulic systems and components.

Design gears, cams, drive trains and mechanical components.

Computer simulation of mechanical and electrical systems and components.

Develop software to generate mobile and marine crane lift ratings.

Analyze structural components using ANSYS and other FEM programs.

Make AutoCAD drawings using my years of drafting and design experience.


Reports and manuals using MS Office, Adobe Acrobat, and HTML.

Process diagrams, electrical schematics, hydraulic schematics.


Being employed as a manager, engineer, and analyst successfully developing technical products and software applications demonstrates that my high school education, ongoing training, proven skills, and experience may well substitute for a degree.


Engineered software for three computers to monitor, diagnose, log, and control crane operation faults (Rockwell Software RSVIEW32, Windows, and IIS).

Designed PLC programs (Allen-Bradley and Siemens) to control start, inhaul, payout, and park functions for chain jacks used for mooring ocean barges.

Developed software (Visual Basic) to collect and manage crane load data.

Successfully developed a serial communications algorithm (C/C++) that is part of a PC based load monitor system for two cranes that operate on an ocean barge. Became manager of the project after other parts of the system failed to meet customer exceptions and quickly resolved all outstanding issues. Later rewrote portions of the program to improve efficiency, added an anti-collision feature, and developed a deep water lowering option. Participated in commissioning and certification on the North Sea and the Gulf of Mexico.

Improved the reliability and efficiency of a linear winch product line by rewriting the PLC software (Allen-Bradley and Omron). The software is now portable and new diagnostics reduce commissioning and maintenance time. The new modular software was implemented in less time than previous special versions.

Prototyped and provided technical support for a WEB application (ASP/IIS/MSSQL) that acquired usage data from equipment to determine service requirements.

Continually improved engineering crane lift rating programs (FORTRAN) over the years as computer technology advanced. Reduced staffing and computer costs by converting from mainframes to PC and PC based development tools.

Developed spur and helical gear computer program (FORTRAN/C) that delivered dimensional and strength results per AGMA standards.

Managed computer department through several corporate acquisitions. For many years implemented new systems without increasing staff and still improved department performance and system reliability.

On the team that received the Minnesota Society of Professional Engineers Seven Wonders of Engineering award in 2001.

Job History

Retired: (2014 to present)

Contract Engineering: Engineering and Software:
PLC Programming, HMI, VBA, Fortran, and C++ (2003-2013).

National Oilwell Varco (MN): Marine cranes, winches, mooring systems:
Computer Manager (1985-1992),
Engineering Analyst (1992-2002).

Kensinger Integrated Technology (MN): Engineering services:
General Manager (1984).

American Hoist & Derrick (MN): Mobile Cranes:
Engineering Computer Manager (1978-1983),
Engineering Analyst (1977).

FMC Northern Ordinance (MN): Defense contractor:
Engineer (1976).

White Farm Equipment (IA): Agricultural tractors:
Engineer (1973-1975).

FMC Link-Belt (IA): Manufactures Cranes and Excavators:
Design Draftsman (1971-1972).

Cherry-Burrell (IA): Dairy product packaging equipment:
Layout Engineer (1970).

White Farm Equipment Company (IA): Agricultural tractors
Design Draftsman (1965-1970).