IACoder - Engineering Analyst. USA. Books and Manuals

Books and Manuals

Accounting Principles (pdf)

Adams, Rogers: Computer Aided Heat Transfer Analysis (pdf)

Adobe PostScript Language Reference 3ed (pdf)

Advanced Calculus (pdf)

Advanced Structural Analysis (pdf)

AISC Manual of Steel Construction 1st (pdf)

AISC Manual of Steel Construction 7th (pdf)

AISC Manual of Steel Construction 9th (pdf)

Aitchison: Beginning Spatial with SQL Server 2008 (pdf)

Akenine: Real Time Rendering 3ed (pdf)

Akenine: Real Time Rendering 3ed BW (pdf)

Akin: Computer Assisted Mechanical Design (pdf)

Albahari: CSharp In A Nutshell 5ed (pdf)

Alexander: Microsoft Access Data Analysis (pdf)

Alexander: Strength of Materials (pdf)

ALLEN BRADLEY 1785 PLC5 Programmable Controllers Quick Reference (pdf)

ALLEN BRADLEY PLC5 Common Procedures Guide (pdf)

Allison, Berkowitz: SQL For Microsoft Access 2nd (pdf)

Allison: C and C++ Code Capsules (pdf)

Althouse, Turnquist, Barcciano: Modern Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (pdf)

American Machinists Handbook (pdf)

Ammeraal: Programming Principles in Computer Graphics (pdf)

Analytic Geometry (pdf)

Anderson: Fracture Mechanics Fundamentals and Applications (pdf)

Anderson: Morphing Magic (pdf)

Anderson: The Analysis and Design of Pneumatic Systems (pdf)

Angell, Griffith: High Resolution Computer Graphics Using FORTRAN 77 (pdf)

Angell, Griffith: High Resolution Computer Graphics Using Pascal (pdf)

Angell: High Resolution Computer Graphics Using C (pdf)

Angell, Tsoubelis: Advanced Graphics on VGA and XGA Cards Using Borland C++ (pdf)

ANIXTER Industrial Ethernet Performance Guide (pdf)

Arciniegas: C++ XML (pdf)

Arrillaga, Arnold: Computer Analysis of Power Systems (pdf)

ASM Gear Manufacture and Performance (pdf)

Astle, Hawkins: Beginning OpenGL Game Programming (pdf)

Astle: More OpenGL Game Programming (pdf)

Automated Accounting Systems and Procedures Handbook (pdf)

Baeck: Practical Servomechanism Design (pdf)

Baker: C Mathematical Function Handbook (pdf)

Balena: Programming Microsoft Visual Basic NET Version 2003 (pdf)

Balena: Programming Microsoft Visual CSharp 2005 The Base Class Library (pdf)

Balena: Visual Basic 2005 The Language (pdf)

Ball: Web Tcl Complete (pdf)

Balter: Mastering Microsoft Office Access 2007 Development (pdf)

Barrett: LINUX Pocket Guide (pdf)

Barsom: Fracture and Fatigue Control in Structures (pdf)

Barton: Mechanism Analysis Simplified Graphical and Analytical Techniques (pdf)

Bathe: Finite Element Procedures in Engineering Analysis (pdf)

Bathe: Numerical Methods in Finite Element (pdf)

Batten: Programmable Controllers Hardware Software and Applications (pdf)

Baumeister: Marks Standard Handbook for Mechanical Engineers (pdf)

Beazley: Python Essential Reference 4th (pdf)

Beazley: Python Essential Reference 2nd (pdf)

Becker: The Boundary Element Method in Engineering (pdf)

Beech: Fortran IV in Chemistry (pdf)

Beer, Johnston: Vector Mechanics for Engineers Statics and Dynamics (pdf)

Beer, Johnston: Vector Mechanics for Engineers Statics and Dynamics BW (pdf)

Beer, Watson: Introduction to Finite and Boundary Element Methods for Engineers (pdf)

Beginning Java Networking (pdf)

Bellinaso: ASP NET 2.0 Website Programming (pdf)

Bell, Johansen, Narkiewicz, OBrian, Raghunathan, Robinson, Timney, White: Professional Windows Forms (pdf)

Benage, Mirza: Building Enterprise Solutions with Visual Studio 6 (pdf)

Berger: Automating with STEP7 in LAD and FBD (pdf)

Berger: Automating with STEP7 in STL and SCL (pdf)

Bevington: Data Reduction and Error Analysis for the Physical Sciences (pdf)

Bird, King, Pedder: An Introduction to Power Electronics (pdf)

Bishop: The Rational Guide to Building Sharepoint Web Parts (pdf)

Bittel: 36 Hour Management Course (pdf)

Blackburn, Reethof, Shearer: Fluid Power Control (pdf)

Blackburn, Vaughn: Hitchhikers Guide to SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services (pdf)

Blake: Design of Curved Members for Machines (pdf)

Bleich: Buckling Strength of Metal Structures (pdf)

Blodgett: Design of Welded Structures (pdf)

Blodgett: Design of Weldments (pdf)

BloomField: Fourier Analysis of Time Series An Introduction (pdf)

Bluttman, Freeze: Access Data Analysis Cookbook (pdf)

Boehm, Murach: ADO NET 2.0 Database Programming with VB 2005 (pdf)

Boehm, Murach: ASP NET 3.5 Web Programming with CSharp 2008 (pdf)

Boling: Programming Microsoft Windows CE NET (pdf)

Boresi, Seely: Advanced Mechanics of Materials (pdf)

Borrie: The Firebird Book A Reference for Database Developers (pdf)

Bott, Siechert, Stinson: Microsoft Windows XP Inside Out 2nd (pdf)

Bourg: Physics for Game Developers (pdf)

Bovey, Wallenrin, Bullen, Green: Professional Excel Development 2nd (pdf)

Bowers, Sedore: SCEPTRE A Computer Program for Circuit and Systems Analysis (pdf)

Bowyer, Woodwark: A Programmers Geometry (pdf)

Bracken: Developing Games in Java (pdf)

Brebbia, Gould, Munro: Environmental Forces on Engineering Structures (pdf)

Brierley Prince, Rinaldi: Visual Basic 6 How To (pdf)

Brown: Design and Maintenance of Accounting Manuals (pdf)

Brown: Perl Programmers Reference (pdf)

Bruhn: Analysis and Design of Flight Vehicle Structures (pdf)

Bruun: Port Engineering (pdf)

Bryan: Programmable Controllers Theory and Implementation (pdf)

Buckingham: Analytical Mechanics of Gears (pdf)

Buckingham: Manual of Gear Design Section One 1st (pdf)

Buckingham: Manual of Gear Design Section One 2nd (pdf)

Buckingham: Manual of Gear Design Section Three 1st (pdf)

Buckingham: Manual of Gear Design Section Three 2nd (pdf)

Buckingham: Manual of Gear Design Section Two 1st (pdf)

Buckingham: Manual of Gear Design Section Two 2nd (pdf)

Buckingham, Ryffel: Design of Worm and Spiral Gears (pdf)

Buckingham: Tables for Recess Action Gears (pdf)

Buczek: Instant SQL Server 2000 Applications (pdf)

Bulgarelli: Pressure Methods for the Numerical Solution of Free Surface Flows (pdf)

Burgard, Phillips: DOS UNIX Networking and Internetworking (pdf)

Burnett: Finite Element Analysis (pdf)

Butkus: Building Business Applications in Visual Basic (pdf)

Buyens: Microsoft Step By Step Web Database Development (pdf)

Cambell, Swigart, Carver, Barnes, Pragit, Rugless, Horrocks: 101 Visual Basic NET Applications (pdf)

Carnahan, Luther, Wilkes: Applied Numerical Methods (pdf)

Carrow: Variable Frequency Drives Electricians Technical Reference (pdf)

CASA GIFTS Primer Manual (pdf)

Casselman: Mathematical Illustrations Postscript (pdf)

Casselman: Mathematical Illustrations Postscript BW (pdf)

Chandler, Fotsch: Windows 2000 Graphics API Black Book (pdf)

Chand: Graphics Programming with GDI Plus (pdf)

Chand: Graphics Programming with GDI Plus BW (pdf)

Chattergy: Spicey Circuits Elements of Computer Aided Circuit Analysis (pdf)

Chaudhry: Applied Hydraulic Transients (pdf)

Chen, Atsuta: Theory of Beam Columns Vol 1 (pdf)

Chen, Atsuta: Theory of Beam Columns Vol 2 (pdf)

Chen, Han: Tubular Members in Offshore Structures (pdf)

Chen: Mechanics and Design of Cam Mechanisms (pdf)

Chestnut, Mayer: Servomechanisms and Regulating Systems Design Vol 1 (pdf)

Chestnut, Mayer: Servomechanisms and Regulating Systems Design Vol 2 (pdf)

Choisser, Foster: The XT AT Handbook (pdf)

Ciarcia: Best of Ciarcias Circuit Cellar (pdf)

Clarke: Computer Aided Structural Design (pdf)

Clark, DeDonatis: VBScript Programmers Reference (pdf)

Clark: Physical Metallurgy for Engineers (pdf)

Clement, Coldrick, Sari: Manufacturing Data Structures (pdf)

Clough, Penzien: Dynamics of Structures (pdf)

Coffman: SQL 7 The Complete Reference (pdf)

Colburn: Teach Yourself CGI Programming in a Week (pdf)

College Algebra (pdf)

College Chemistry (pdf)

College Mathematics (pdf)

College Physics (pdf)

Collins: Failure of Materials in Mechanical Design (pdf)

Compaq Visual Fortran Getting Started (pdf)

Compaq Visual Fortran Language Reference Manual (pdf)

Conger, Little: Creating Games in C++ A Step By Step Guide (pdf)

Continuum Mechanics (pdf)

Cook: Finite Element Modeling for Stress Analysis (pdf)

Cook, Malkus, Plesha: Concepts and Applications of Finite Element Analysis (pdf)

Cooper, Tucker: Expert Access 2007 Programming (pdf)

Cox: The Fuzzy Systems Handbook (pdf)

Craig: Microsoft Quick Basic Programmer's Toolbox (pdf)

Craig: Microsoft Quick Basic Programmer's Toolbox (pdf)

Crockford: Javascript The Good Parts (pdf)

Croft: Advanced Java Game Programming (pdf)

Croft: American Electricians Handbook 13th (pdf)

Crooks: Learning Visual Basic NET Through Applications (pdf)

Crowhurst: Mastering Technical Mathematics (pdf)

CSharp Complete (pdf)

Dally, Riley: Experimental Stress Analysis (pdf)

Daniel, Wood: Fitting Equations to Data (pdf)

DAnjou, Fairbrother, Kehn, Kellerman, McCarthy: The Java Developers Guide to Eclipse (pdf)

Dan Appleman's Visual Basic Programmers Guide to the Win32 API (pdf)

Darwin: Java Cookbook (pdf)

DataMyte Handbook (pdf)

Davidson: Build Your Own Test Equipment (pdf)

Davison, Killer; Game Programming in Java (pdf)

Davison: Pro Java 6 3D Game Development (pdf)

Dawson: Beginning C++ Game Programming (pdf)

Dawson: Python Programming for the Absolute Beginner (pdf)

DeCristoforos: Housebuilding Illustrated (pdf)

Deitel: Java How to Program (pdf)

Deitel: Java How to Program c22 (pdf)

Deitel: Java How to Program xE (pdf)

Deitel: Java How to Program xF (pdf)

Deitel: Java How to Program xG (pdf)

Deitel: Java How to Program xH (pdf)

Deitel: Java How to Program xI (pdf)

Deitel:: Java How to Program xJ (pdf)

Deitel: Java How to Program xK (pdf)

DeLoura: Game Programming Gems (pdf)

DeLoura: Game Programming Gems 2 (pdf)

Derenzo: Interfacing A Laboratory Approach Using the Microcomputer (pdf)

Desai: Elementary Finite Element Method (pdf)

Desai: Introduction to the Finite Element Method (pdf)

Dewson: Beginning SQL Server 2008 Express for Developers (pdf)

Dewson: Beginning SQL Server 2008 for Developers (pdf)

Dhatt: The Finite Element Method Displayed (pdf)

Dhingra, Swanson: Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Compact Edition (pdf)

Differential and Integral Calculus (pdf)

Differential Equations (pdf)

Dobson: Beginning SQL Server Express From Novice to Professional (pdf)

Dobson: Programming Microsoft Office Access 2003 (pdf)

Dobson: Visual Basic NET for Microsoft Access Databases (pdf)

Dodge: Analysis of Experiments with Missing Data (pdf)

Dodge, Kinata, Stinson: Running Microsoft Excel 97 (pdf)

Dorf, Tallarida: Pocket Book of Electrical Engineering Formulas (pdf)

Drago: Fundamentals of Gear Design (pdf)

Dransfield: Hydraulic Control Systems Design and Analysis of Their Dynamics (pdf)

DuBois: MySQL and Perl for the Web (pdf)

Dudley: Gear Handbook (pdf)

Dudley: Practical Gear Design (pdf)

Dudley: Practical Gear Design Color (pdf)

Dumbill: Bornstein Mono A Developers Notebook (pdf)

Dwyer, Meyer: Programming Games with Microsoft Visual Basic 6 (pdf)

Dyer: MYSQL In A Nutshell (pdf)

Dye, Moore: Drafting and Design with AutoCAD LT (pdf)

Dyson: A General Theory of the Kinematics and Geometry of Gears in Three Dimensions (pdf)

Earley, Sheehan, Caloggero: National Electrical Code Handbook 1999 (pdf)

Easttom: Advanced JavaScript 2nd (pdf)

Easttom: Learn JavaScript (pdf)

Eberly: 3D Game Engine Design (pdf)

Eberly: 3D Game Engine Design BW (pdf)

Eberly: 3D Game Engine Design (pdf)

Eberly: Game Physics (pdf)

Eddy: XML in Plain English (pdf)

Edwards: Programming and Customizing the BASIC Stamp Computer (pdf)

Eisenberg: SVG Essentials (pdf)

Electric Circuits (pdf)

Electric Machines and Electromechanics (pdf)

Electric Power Systems (pdf)

Electronic Devices and Citcuits (pdf)

Ellis: Control System Design Using your Computer (pdf)

Embree, Kimble: C Language Algorithims for Digital Signal Processing (pdf)

Engineering Mechanics Statics and Dynamics (pdf)

Erdman, Sandor: Mechanism Design Analysis and Synthesis Vol 1 (pdf)

Esposito: Programming Microsoft ASP NET 2.0 (pdf)

Esposito: Programming Microsoft ASP NET Applications Advanced Topics (pdf)

Etzel, Dickinson: Digital Visual Fortran Programmers Guide (pdf)

Evans, Youse: Problems in Analytic Geometery and Calculus (pdf)

Evjen, Hanselman, Rader, Muhammad, Sivakumar: Professionl ASP NET 2.0 Special Edition (pdf)

Ewald: Transactional COMPP (pdf)

Expense Reporting System Travel and Expense 970722 (pdf)

Faires: Design of Machine Elements (pdf)

Fan, Ries, Tenitchi: Black Art of Java Game Programming (pdf)

Faupel, Fisher: Engineering Design (pdf)

Feddema: Access 2007 VBA Bible (pdf)

Feedback and Control Systems (pdf)

Feiedman, Klander, Michaelis, Schildt: C C++ Annotated Archives (pdf)

Fenner: Engineering Stress Analysis A Finite Element Approach with FORTRAN77 (pdf)

Fenner: Finite Element Methods for Engineers (pdf)

Ferziger: Numerical Methods for Engineering Application (pdf)

Finite Differences and Difference Equations (pdf)

Finkelstein: AutoCAD 2000 Bible (pdf)

Finkel: Computer Aided Experimentation (pdf)

Fitch: Fluid Power and Control Systems (pdf)

Flanagan: JavaScript The Definitive Guide (pdf)

Flanagan: Java Examples in a Nutshell (pdf)

Flanagen: Java in a Nutshell 2nd (pdf)

Fluid Dynamics (pdf)

Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics (pdf)

Foley, VanDam: Fundamentals of Interactive Computer Graphics (pdf)

Font Garden (pdf)

Ford: Visual Basic 2005 Express Edition Programming for the Absolute Beginner (pdf)

Fraser: Managed C++ and NET Development (pdf)

Fraser: Pro Visual C++ CLI and the NET 2.0 Platform (pdf)

Fraser: Real World ASP NET Building a Content Management System (pdf)

Fry: 101 Great Answers to the Toughests Interview Questions (pdf)

Fuchs, Stephens: Metal Fatigue in Engineering (pdf)

Geary: Core HTML5 Canvas (pdf)

George: Automatic Mesh Generation (pdf)

Gere, Weaver: Analysis of Framed Structures (pdf)

Gesner, Hill, Tobey: Inside AutoCad LT for Windows 2nd (pdf)

Getz, Gilbert: VBA Developers Handbook (pdf)

Getz, Litwin, Baron: Access Cookbook 2nd (pdf)

Ghali: Structural Analysis A Unified Classical and Matrix Approach (pdf)

Giannini, Keogh: Windows Programming Programmers Notebook (pdf)

Gieck: Engineering Formulas (pdf)

Giesecke: Technical Drawing 8th (pdf)

Godden: Numerical Analysis of Beam and Column Structures (pdf)

Goodman: Dynamic HTML The Definitive Guide (pdf)

Goodwin: User Interfaces in C (pdf)

Gordon: The COM and COM Plus Programming Primer (pdf)

Gottfried: Spreadsheet Tools for Engineers (pdf)

Gourley, Totty: HTTP The Definitive Guide (pdf)

Grabowski: Learn To Diagram With VISIO 2000 (pdf)

Gradecki: Net Warriors in C (pdf)

Graham, Steffen: Inside Pro Engineer 2001 (pdf)

Greensite: Analysis and Design of Space Vehicle Flight Control Systems (pdf)

Greensite: Elements of Modern Control Systems (pdf)

Greenwood: Electrical Transients in Power Systems (pdf)

Greenwood: Engineering Data for Product Design (pdf)

Greenwood: Mechanical Details for Product Design (pdf)

Greenwood: Product Engineering Design Manual (pdf)

Grier: Visual Basic Programmers Guide to Serial Communications (pdf)

Griffel: Handbook of Formulas for Stress and Strain (pdf)

Griggith: GCC The Complete Reference (pdf)

Grigolyuk: Contact Problems in the Theory of Plates and Shells (pdf)

Groves: Survey Errors and Survey Costs (pdf)

Gunderloy: ADO and ADO NET Programming (pdf)

Gunderloy, Jerke: NET E-Commerce Programming (pdf)

Hahn: Assembler Inside and Out (pdf)

Hall, Schwartz: Effective Perl Programming (pdf)

Hamilton: ADO NET Cookbook (pdf)

Hanna: Instant Java Servlets (pdf)

Harbour: Game Programming All In One 2nd (pdf)

Harbour, LaMothe: VB Game Programming Directx (pdf)

Harkins, Gunderloy: Automating Microsoft Access with VBA (pdf)

Harrison: Computer Methods in Structural Analysis (pdf)

Harrison: Introduction to 3D Game Engine Design Using DirectX and CSharp (pdf)

Harrison, McLennan: Effective Tcl Tk Programming (pdf)

Harris: CSharp Programming for the Absolute Beginner (pdf)

Harris: Rolling Bearing Analysis (pdf)

Hartog: Mechanical Vibrations (pdf)

Hartog: Mechanics (pdf)

Hartog: Strength of Materials (pdf)

Hart, Davis: Mastering VBA 2nd (pdf)

Hart, Uglys: Electrical References (pdf)

Hart, Uglys: Electrical References COLOR (pdf)

Harvey: Theory and Design of Pressure Vessels (pdf)

Hauschildt: CMS Made Simple 16 (pdf)

Hawkins, Astle: OpenGL Game Programming (pdf)

Heaton: HTTP Programming Recipes for CSharp Bots (pdf)

Heaton: HTTP Programming Recipes for Java Bots (pdf)

Heflin, Ney: Windows Web Scripting Developers Guide (pdf)

Heilich, Shube: Traction Drives Selection and Application (pdf)

Heindel, Roberto: LANK PAK An Interactive Language Design System (pdf)

Heiserman: Experiments in Four Dimension (pdf)

Hellan: Introduction to Fracture Mechanics (pdf)

Henderson: The Gurus Guide to SQL Server Stored Procedures XML HTML (pdf)

Henderson: The Gurus Guide to Transact SQL (pdf)

Henke: Closing the Loop (pdf)

Henke: Introduction to Fluid Mechanics (pdf)

Henke: Introduction to Fluid Power Circuits and Systems (pdf)

Hennig: Microsoft Access 2010 Programmer's Reference (pdf)

Henning, Cooper, Griffith, Stein: Access 2007 VBA Programmers Reference (pdf)

Henrickson, Hofmann: IIS 6 The Complete Reference (pdf)

Herrington: How to Read Schematics (pdf)

Hertzberg: Deformation and Fracture Mechanics of Engineering Materials (pdf)

Hicks: Standard Handbook of Engineering Calculations (pdf)

Himmelblau: Applied Nonlinear Programming (pdf)

Hinton: Numerical Methods and Software for Dynamic Analysis of Plates and Shells (pdf)

Hinton: Owen An Intriduction to Finite Element Computations (pdf)

Hinton: Owen Finite Element Software for Plates and Shells (pdf)

Hodge: Plastic Analysis of Structures (pdf)

Hoenig, Payne: How to Bulid and Use Electronic Devices (pdf)

Hoffmann: About Vectors (pdf)

Hoff: A Practical Guide to BOX JENKINS Forecasting (pdf)

Holmes, Flanders: C++ Communications Utilities (pdf)

Holmes: Windows Power Shell Cookbook 2nd (pdf)

Holzbock: Hydraulic Power and Equipment (pdf)

Holzgang: Understanding PostScript Programming (pdf)

Holzner: Inside XML (pdf)

Holzner: Perl Black Book (pdf)

Holzner: Teach Yourself Microsoft Visual Basic NET in 21 Days (pdf)

Holzner: Visual Basic 6 Black Book (pdf)

Holzner: Visual C++ 6 In Record Time (pdf)

Hook: Building a 3D Game Engine in C++ (pdf)

Hopkins: Design Analysis of Shafts and Beams (pdf)

Hordeski: Control System Interfaces Design and Implementation Using Personal Computers (pdf)

Horton: Beginning Java 2 SDK 1.4 Edition (pdf)

How to Improve Reading Skills (pdf)

How to Use Graphs and Tables (pdf)

How to Write Basic Documents (pdf)

How to Write Effectively (pdf)

Hsu: Stress and Strain Data Handbook (pdf)

Huddleston: Beginning CSharp Databases 01 (pdf)

Huddleston, Raghuram, Allen, Gilani, Pederson, Reid: Beginning CSharp Databases From Novice to Professional 2 (pdf)

Hudson: The Engineers Manual (pdf)

Huelsman: Basic Circuit Theory with Digital Computations (pdf)

IEEE Programs for Digital Signal Processing (pdf)

Irons: Techniques of Finite Elements (pdf)

Irvine: Cable Structures (pdf)

Iwanitz, Lange: OPC Fundamentals Implementation and Application (pdf)

Jagannadham: Unified Theory of Fracture (pdf)

Jamsa: C C++ CSHARP Programmer's Bible (pdf)

Jamsa, Klander: C C++ Programmer's Bible (pdf)

Jamsa, Klander: C C++ Programmer's Bible BW (pdf)

Jamsa: WML and WMLScript A Beginners Guide (pdf)

Jennings: Using Microsoft Office Access 2007 (pdf)

Jennings: Using Access 2007 (pdf)

Jennings: Using Access 2007 eBook (pdf)

Jensen: Cam Design and Manufacture (pdf)

Jenson, Chenoweth: Applied Engineering Mechanics (pdf)

Jerke: E-Commerce Developers Guide to Building Community and Using Promotional Tools (pdf)

Jerke: Visual Basic Developer's Guide to E-Commerce with ASP and SQL Server (pdf)

Johnson: Basic Electronics for Hydraulic Motion Control (pdf)

Johnson: Electrohydraulic Servo Systems (pdf)

Johnson: Programming ADO NET Applications Advanced Topics (pdf)

Johnson, Troan: Linux Application Development (pdf)

Johnston: Guide to Design Criteria for Metal Compression Members (pdf)

JonesHicks: Windows Powershell 2.0 (pdf)

Jones, Crabtree: FORTRAN Tools for VAX and MS-DOS 2007 11 07 10 01 52 (pdf)

Jones: CSharp Programmers Cookbook (pdf)

Jones: Introduction to MFC Programming with Visual C++ (pdf)

Jones, Keene: Writing Technical Papers and Reports (pdf)

Jones, Ohlund: Network Programming for Microsoft Windows (pdf)

JPL MATH77 Mathematical Subprograms for FORTRAN77 (pdf)

Jung, Boutquin, Conley: Visual Basic 6 SuperBible (pdf)

Juvinall: Engineering Considerations of Stress Strength and Strength (pdf)

Kalbfleisch, Prentice: The Statistical Analysis of Failure Time Data (pdf)

Karlins: Dreamweaver CS5.5 Mobile Web Development (pdf)

Karnopp, Rosenberg: System Dynamics A Unified Approach (pdf)

Kauler: Flow Design for Embedded Systems 2nd (pdf)

Kays, London: Compact Heat Exchangers (pdf)

Keller: Hydraulic System Analysis (pdf)

Keogh, Gray: C++ Programmers Notebook (pdf)

Kiessig: Ultra-Fast ASP.NET (pdf)

Kimmel: Advanced CSharp Programming (pdf)

Kittel, LeBlond: ASP.NET 2.0 Cookbook (pdf)

Kitware: The VTK Users Guide VTK 4 4 (pdf)

Koenig, Moo: Accelerated C++ Practical Programming by Example (pdf)

Kogan: Crane Design Theory and Calculations of Reliability (pdf)

Koren: Robotics for Engineers (pdf)

Korites, Novack: Visual Statics (pdf)

Korites, Novack: Visual Vectors (pdf)

Korltes, Novack: Visual Stress and Strain (pdf)

Korn, Korn: Manual of Mathematics (pdf)

Korol: Access 2007 Programming By Example With VBA XML And ASP (pdf)

Krause, Wasynczuk, Sudhoff: Analysis of Electrical Machinery (pdf)

Kruglinski, Shepherd, Wingo: Programming Microsoft Visual C++ Fifth Edition (pdf)

Kurniawan: Real World NET Applications (pdf)

Labrosse: Embedded Systems Building Blocks 2nd (pdf)

Labrosse: MicroC OS II The Real Time Kernel (pdf)

Labrosse: uCOS The Real Time Kernel (pdf)

LaMothe: Black Art of 3D Game Programming (pdf)

LaMothe: Windows Game Programming for Dummies (pdf)

Lampton: Flights of Fantasy Programming 3D Video Games in C++ (pdf)

Landvater, Gray: MRP III Standard System (pdf)

Landvater, Gray: MRP II Standard System Workbook (pdf)

Land, Powell: Fortran Codes for Mathematical Programming (pdf)

Lanza, Lasagna: Gardening for Small Spaces (pdf)

Laplace Transforms (pdf)

Larson: Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services (pdf)

Lawrence: Compaq Visual Fortran (pdf)

Lawrie: Electric Motor Manual (pdf)

Lemay, Cadenhead: Teach Yourself Java 2 in 21 Days 2nd (pdf)

Leonik: Home Automation Basics (pdf)

Levy: Analysis Of Geometrically Nonlinear Structures 2ed (pdf)

Lewis: Modeling Engineering Systems (pdf)

Lewis, Stern: Design of Hydraulic Control Systems (pdf)

Lewis, Stern: Design of Hydraulic Control Systems COPY (pdf)

Lhotka: Solutions Toolkit 3.0 Practical Components for NET (pdf)

Liberty: C++ Unleashed (pdf)

Liberty: CSharp Programming (pdf)

Liberty, Hurwitz: Programming ASP NET (pdf)

Liberty, Kraley: XML Web Documents from Scratch (pdf)

Liberty: Programming CSharp (pdf)

Liberty: Programming Visual Basic 2005 (pdf)

Liming: Windows XP Embedded Advanced (pdf)

Lindley: Practical Image Processing in C (pdf)

Linear Algebra (pdf)

Lin: Advanced Linux 3D Graphics Programming (pdf)

Lin: Linux 3D Graphics Programming (pdf)

Lippman, Lajoie, Moo: C++ Primer 4th (pdf)

Lipson, Juvinall: Handbook of Stress and Strength (pdf)

Lipson: Stress and Strength of Manufactured Parts (pdf)

Lischner: C++ in a Nutshell (pdf)

Liu: C++ Programming A Quantitative Approach (pdf)

Livingston: Essential CSS and DHTML for Web Professionals (pdf)

Llopis: C++ for Game Programmers (pdf)

Logan: A First Course in the Finite Element Method (pdf)

Lohnes, Cooley: Introduction to Statistical Procedures (pdf)

Lomax: VB and VBA in a Nutshell (pdf)

Lowagie: iText In Action (pdf)

Lowe: Creating Web Pages for Dummies Quick Reference (pdf)

Luna: Introduction to 3D Game Programming with DirectX 9.0 (pdf)

Lynwander: Gear Drive Systems Design and Application (pdf)

Mabie, Reinholtz: Mechanisms and Dynamics of Machinery (pdf)

MacDonald: Serious ADO Universal Data Access with Visual Basic (pdf)

MacDonald: Visual Basic NET Programmers Cookbook (pdf)

Machinerys Handbook 17th (pdf)

Machine Design (pdf)

Magna Carta C Windows Toolkit (pdf)

Makofsky: Pocket PC Network Programming (pdf)

Mak: The Java Programmers Guide to Numerical Computing (pdf)

Mangano: XLST Cookbook (pdf)

Martelli: Python Cookbook 2nd (pdf)

Martelli, Ravenscroft, Asher: Python Cookbook 2nd (pdf)

Martin, Hoffman: Mastering CMake (pdf)

Mathematical Handbook of Formulas and Tables (pdf)

Mathematics of Finance (pdf)

Mather: Bills of Materials (pdf)

Matrices (pdf)

Matthew, Stones: Beginning Linux Programming (pdf)

McCarty: Visual C++ 6 Core Language Little Black Book (pdf)

McCloy, Martin: The Control of Fluid Power (pdf)

McConnell: Code Complete 2nd (pdf)

McCrachen: FORTRAN with Engineering Applications (pdf)

McCracken: A Simplified Guide to Structured COBOL Programming (pdf)

McFarland: Dreamweaver CS5.5 The Missing Manual (pdf)

McFarland: Dreamweaver CS6 The Missing Manual (pdf)

McFedries: Microsoft Access 2003 Forms Reports and Queries (pdf)

McGrath: PHP5 in Easy Steps (pdf)

McMillan: Mathematical Programming (pdf)

McNeil: Interactive Data Analysis A Practical Primer (pdf)

McShaffry: Game Coding Complete 3ed (pdf)

Mechanical Vibrations (pdf)

Melsa, Jones: Computer Programs for Computational Assistance in the Study of Linear Control Theory (pdf)

Merritt: Gear Engineering (pdf)

Merritt: Hydraulic Control Systems (pdf)

Meyers: Effective C++ 2nd (pdf)

Meyers: More Effective C++ (pdf)

Meyer: The Essential Guide To HTML5 (pdf)

MFC Internals (pdf)

Microsoft: Quick BASIC Learning To Use Microsoft Quick BASIC (pdf)

Microsoft: Quick BASIC Programming In BASIC (pdf)

Microsoft: Internet Information Services 5.0 Documentation (pdf)

Microsoft: Quick BASIC Compiler (pdf)

Microsoft: Windows SharePoint Services Step by Step (pdf)

Middleton: Designing Electronic Circuits (pdf)

Mitchell: PROFIBUS A Pocket Giode COLOR (pdf)

Mitchell: PROFIBUS A Pocket Guide (pdf)

Mitchell: Secrets of the Borland C++ Masters (pdf)

MIT STRESS: A Reference Manual (pdf)

MIT STRESS: A Users Manual (pdf)

MIX: C Database Toolchest 1966 (pdf)

MIX: C Database Toolchest 1988 (pdf)

MIX: C Windows Toolchest for DOS (pdf)

MIX: Multi C (pdf)

MIX: Power C (pdf)

MIX: The C Math Toolchest (pdf)

MIX: The C Utilities Toolchest (pdf)

Moczar: Tomcat 5 Unleashed (pdf)

Montgomery, Johnson: Forecasting and Time Series Analysis (pdf)

Montgomery: Solenoid Magnet Design (pdf)

Moon: Chaotic Vibrations (pdf)

Morrison: Beginning Game Programming (pdf)

Morrison: Teach Yourself Game Programming in 24 Hours (pdf)

Morris: Mastering Electrical Engineering (pdf)

Mueller: NET Framework Solutions in Search of the Lost Win32 API (pdf)

Mueller: Visual C++ 6 From the Ground Up (pdf)

Mulholland, Murphy: Java 1.4 Game Programming (pdf)

Munro: 20 Recipes For Programming MVC 3 (pdf)

Murach: CSharp 2008 (pdf)

Murach, Steelman: Java SE 6 (pdf)

Murry, Pappas: Visual C++ NET The Complete Reference (pdf)

Myers: Amazing 3D Games Adventure Set (pdf)

Navy: Basic Electricity (pdf)

Negrino: Java Script And Ajax 6ed (pdf)

Negrino, Smith: JavaScript for the World Wide Web 5th (pdf)

Negrino, Smith: JavaScript for the World Wide Web BW (pdf)

Negus: Live Linux CDs (pdf)

Nelson: Serial Communications Developers Guide 2nd (pdf)

Nemeth, Snyder, Hein: Linux Administration Handbook (pdf)

Nickell: Forcasting on your Microcomputer 2nd (pdf)

Nixon: Web Developers Cookbook (pdf)

Numerical Analysis (pdf)

Obert: Internal Combustion Engines (pdf)

ODonovan: GPSS Simulation Made Simple (pdf)

Omura: Mastering AutoCAD 2000 for Mechanical Engineers (pdf)

ONeal: Visual InterDev 6 From the Ground Up (pdf)

OpenGL Programming Guide (pdf)

OpenGL Reference Manual (pdf)

Orvis: Excel for Scientist and Engineers (pdf)

Osyczka, Davies: Multicriterion Optimization in Engineering (pdf)

Otnes, Enochson: Applied Time Series Analysis (pdf)

Ousterhout: Tcl and the Tk Toolkit (pdf)

Overland: C++ in Plain English (pdf)

Overland: C in Plain English (pdf)

Overland: Visual Basic 6 in Plain English (pdf)

Owens: The Definitive Guide to SQLite (pdf)

Owen: A Simple Guide to Finite Elements (pdf)

Owen, Fawkes: Engineering Fracture Mechanics Numerical Methods and Applications (pdf)

Owen, Hinton: Finite Elements in Plasticity Theory and Practice (pdf)

Padova: Acrobat PDF Bible (pdf)

Pantham: Pure JFC 2D Graphics and Imaging (pdf)

Pao: Elements of Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing (pdf)

Patwardhan, Siever, Spainhour: Perl in a Nutshell (pdf)

Paul: Kinematics and Dynamics of Planar Machinery (pdf)

Paul: Robot Manipulators Mathematics Programming and Control (pdf)

Paz: Structural Dynamics Theory and Computation (pdf)

Penton: Beginning CSharp Game Programming (pdf)

Peterson: Stress Concentration Factors (pdf)

Petricek: Real World Functional Programming With Examples (pdf)

Petzold: 3D Programming For Windows 1 (pdf)

Petzold: 3D Programming for Windows 2 (pdf)

Petzold: Programming Microsoft Windows Forms (pdf)

Petzold: Programming Windows 5th (pdf)

Phipps: Variable Speed Drive Fundamentals (pdf)

Phipps: Variable Speed Drive Fundamentals 3rd (pdf)

Pilgrim: HTML5 Up And Running (pdf)

Pilkey, Chang: Modern Formulas for Statics and Dynamics (pdf)

Pilkey: Formulas for Stress Strain and Structural Members (pdf)

Pilkey: Mechanics of Solids (pdf)

Pilkey, Wunderlich: Mechanics of Structures Variational and Computational Methods (pdf)

Pollatschek: Programming Discrete Simulations (pdf)

Poole, Szymankiewicz: Using Simulation to Solve Problems (pdf)

Powers: Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 5 (pdf)

Powers: Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 5 BW (pdf)

Prata: Microsoft Quick Basic Primer Plus (pdf)

Prentice Hall: Pocket Atlas of the World (pdf)

Pressman: Software Engineering A Practitioners Approach (pdf)

Press: Networking by Example (pdf)

Press: Numerical Recipes FORTRAN (pdf)

Press: Numerical Recipes in C (pdf)

Prinz, Prinz: A Complete Guide to Programming in C++ (pdf)

Pritsher, Kiviat: Simulation With GASP II (pdf)

Pritsker: The GASP IV Simulation Language (pdf)

Professional JSP (pdf)

Programming Visual C++ 5th (chm)

Prosise: Programming Windows with MFC 2nd (pdf)

Pryor, Glass: It's in the Male (pdf)

Puchstein, Lloyd: Alternating Current Machines (pdf)

Purdum: Accounting and Finance (pdf)

Pusztai, Sava: Computer Numerical Control (pdf)

Quinlan: C4.5 Programs for Machine Learning (pdf)

Rahmel: Building Web Database Applications with Visual Studio 6 (pdf)

Raines: Tcl Tk Pocket Reference (pdf)

Rammer, Szpuszta: Advanced NET Remoting (pdf)

Ramsay: Principles of Engineering Instrumentation (pdf)

Rao, Rao: C++ Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic (pdf)

Rasband: Chaotic Dynamics of Nonlinear Systems (pdf)

Rattz, Pro: LINQ Language Integrated Query in CSharp 2008 (pdf)

Raven: Automatic Control Engineering (pdf)

Ray, McIntosh: Perl and XML (pdf)

Ray, Ray: HTML for Dummies Quick Reference (pdf)

Reddy: An Introduction to the Finite Element Method (pdf)

Reid: Network Programming in NET (pdf)

Reliance DC Motors Speed Controls Servo Systems 01 (pdf)

Reliance DC Motors Speed Controls Servo Systems 02 (pdf)

Richter, Clark: Programming Server Side Applications for Microsoft Windows 2000 (pdf)

Rimmer: Graphical User Interface Programming (pdf)

Rivera: Inside TrueSpace 4 (pdf)

Roadstrum, Wolaver: Electrical Engineering for All Engineers (pdf)

Roadstrum, Wolaver: Electrical Engineering for All Engineers BW (pdf)

Roark Formulas for Stress and Strain 4th (pdf)

Robison: Pure CSharp (pdf)

Rockis, Mazur: Electrical Motor Controls (pdf)

Rogers, Adams: Mathematical Elements for Computer Graphics (pdf)

Rorabaugh: Circuit Design and Analysis Featuring C Routines (pdf)

Rosenberg: A Users Guide to ENPORT 4 (pdf)

Rosenberg, Hizer: The Resume Handbook (pdf)

Rosenfeld: 36 Hour Business Statistics Course (pdf)

Ross: Finite Element Programs for Axisymmetric Problems in Engineering (pdf)

Rothbart: Mechanical Design and Systems Handbook (pdf)

Russel, Crawford: Microsoft Windows XP Professional Resource Kit 3rd (pdf)

Sabin-Wilson: WordPress For Dummies (pdf)

Sabin-Wilson: WordPress Web Design For Dummies (pdf)

SAE Fatigue Design Handbook (pdf)

SAE Fatigue Under Complex Loading (pdf)

Sahu: Java Server Pages From Scratch (pdf)

Salmon, Johnson: Steel Structures Design and Behavior (pdf)

Sams: Handbook of Electronic Tables and Formulas (pdf)

Sanders: DB2 Universal Database Application Programming Interface API Developers Guide (pdf)

Sandor, Erdman: Advanced Mechanism Design Analysis and Synthesis Vol 2 (pdf)

Schildt: C++ The Complete Reference 4th (pdf)

Schildt: CSharp 2.0 The Complete Reference (pdf)

Schildt, Holmes: The Art of Java (pdf)

Schildt: Java 2 The Complete Reference 5th (pdf)

Schildt: Java J2SE5 Edition The Complete Reference (pdf)

Schildt: Java The Complete Reference (pdf)

Schildt: MFC Programming from the Ground Up (pdf)

Schildt: The Art of C (pdf)

Schildt: The Art of C++ (pdf)

Schildt: Windows 2000 Programming From the Ground Up (pdf)

Schildt: Windows Programming Annotated Archives (pdf)

Schilli: Perl Power A Jumpstart Guide to Programming in Perl 5 (pdf)

Schmidt: GPSS FORTRAN (pdf)

Schmidt, Robinson: Visual CSharp NET 2003 Developers Cookbook (pdf)

Schmitt: HTML5 Cookbook (pdf)

Schroeder, Martin, Lorensen: The Visualization Toolkit 1st (pdf)

Schroeder, Martin, Lorensen: The Visualization Toolkit 2nd (pdf)

Schroeder, Martin, Lorensen: The Visualization Toolkit 3rd (pdf)

Schwartz, Basso: Statistical Programs in FORTRAN (pdf)

Schwartz: Introduction to Matricies and Vectors (pdf)

Schwartz, Phoenix: Learning Perl 3rd (pdf)

Seidman, Beaty, Mahrous: Handbook of Electric Power Calculations (pdf)

Selby: CRC Standard Mathematical Tables 19th (pdf)

Sells, Griffiths: Programming WPF 2nd (pdf)

Sells, Weinhardt: Windows Forms 2.0 Programming (pdf)

Selman: Java 3D Programming (pdf)

Shapiro: SQL Server 2000 The Complete Reference (pdf)

Shearer, Murphy, Richardson: Introduction to System Dynamics (pdf)

Shearer, Murphy, Richardson: Introduction to System Dynamics Solutions Manual (pdf)

Shea: Visual Basic Source Code Library (pdf)

Shigley: Applied Mechanics of Materials (pdf)

Shigley: Mechanical Engineering Design (pdf)

Shigley, Mischke: Standard Handbook of Machine Design (pdf)

Shigley, Uicker: Theory of Machines and Mechanisms (pdf)

Shingledecker, Andrews, Negus: The Official Damn Small Linux Book (pdf)

Shoup: A Practical Guide to Computer Methods for Engineers (pdf)

Shultz: Transformers and Motors (pdf)

Siddaway: Power Shell In Practice (pdf)

Siever: Linux in a Nutshell 2nd (pdf)

Silvester, Ferrari: Finite Elements for Electrical Engineers (pdf)

Simon: Windows NT Win32 API SuperBible (pdf)

Simpson, Young, Barrows, Wells: Microsoft Access 2007 for Dummies (pdf)

Sinha, Hsu: Advanced Machine Design by Microcomputer (pdf)

Smart, Hock, Csomor: Cross Platform GUI Programming with WxWidgets (pdf)

Smith: AutoCAD for Dummies (pdf)

Smith: C++ Toolkit for Engineers and Scientists (pdf)

Smith: Extreme Fat Smash Diet (pdf)

Smith, Griffiths: Programming the Finite Element Method 2nd (pdf)

Smith, Griffiths: Programming the Finite Element Method 3rd (pdf)

Smith: Inside Windows Communication Foundation (pdf)

Smith: Programming FSharp (pdf)

Smith: Programming The Finite Element Method (pdf)

Smith: The Fat Smash Diet (pdf)

Snader: Effective TCP IP Programming (pdf)

Solomon, Russibovich: Inside Microsoft Windows 2000 3rd (CHM)

Solomon, Russibovich: Inside Microsoft Windows 2000 3rd (pdf)

Souders: The Engineers Companion (pdf)

Spaanjaars: Beginning ASP NET 4 in CSharp And VB (pdf)

Sparling, Wiles: Instant Perl Modules (pdf)

Speckhart, Green: A Guide to Using CSMP The Continuous System Modeling Program (pdf)

Speegle: JDBC Practical Guide for Java Programmers (pdf)

Spell: Professional Java Programming (pdf)

Spence, Noel: Microsoft Sharepoint 2003 in 10 Minutes (pdf)

Spotts: Design of Machine Elements (pdf)

Spotts: Mechanical Design Analysis (pdf)

Sprott: Numerical Recipes Routines and Examples in BASIC (pdf)

Sprott: Strange Attractors (pdf)

Sproull, Newman: Principles of Interactive Computer Graphics 2nd (pdf)

Stanek: Microsoft IIS 6.0 Administrators Pocket Consultant (pdf)

Stanek: Microsoft Windows Command Line Administrators Pocket Consultant (pdf)

Stanek: Microsoft Windows Server 2003 (pdf)

Stanek: Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Administrators Pocket Consultant (pdf)

Stark: Building iPhone Apps (pdf)

Statistics (pdf)

Stein, MacEachern: Writing Apache Modules with Perl and C (pdf)

Stephens, Diggins, Turkanis, Cogswell: C++ Cookbook (pdf)

Stephens: Read to Run Visual Basic Algoritghms (pdf)

Stephens: Read to Run Visual Basic Code Library (pdf)

Stephens: Visual Basic Graphics Programming 2nd (pdf)

Stevenson: Elements of Power System Analysis (pdf)

Stewart, Storer: Fluid Power (pdf)

Streeter, Wylie: Fluid Mechanics (pdf)

Strength of Materials (pdf)

Stringer: Hydraulic Systems Analysis An Introduction (pdf)

Stroustrup: The C++ Programming Language 2nd (pdf)

Structural Analysis (pdf)

Subrahmanyam: Electric Drives Concepts and Applications (pdf)

Suh, Radcliffe: Kinematics and Mechanisms Design (pdf)

Sussman, Homer: ADO 2.0 Programmers Reference (pdf)

Sutherland: Learn C++ for Game Development (pdf)

Sutphin: AutoCAD 2000 VBA Programmers Reference (pdf)

Swainston: A Systems Approach to Programmable Controllers (pdf)

Swan: Mastering Borland C++ 4.5 2nd (pdf)

Syverson: Murach SQL Server 2005 for Developers (pdf)

Syverson: Murach SQL Server 2008 for Developers (pdf)

Sy: SharePoint for Project Management (pdf)

Szilard: Theory and Analysis of Plates Classical and Numerical Methods (pdf)

Tagliaferri: Learn VB NET Through Game Programming (pdf)

Tatroe: Programming PHP 3rd (pdf)

Taylor: C C++ Programmers Guide to Using PC BIOS (pdf)

Taylor, Hughes: Finite Element Programming of the Navier Stokes Equations (pdf)

Taylor: The Network Architecture Design Handbook (pdf)

Telles: Mixed Language Programming (pdf)

Theoretical Mechanics (pdf)

Thermodynamics (pdf)

The Clip Art Image Library (pdf)

The Illustrated Guide to Btrieve (pdf)

The Java Developers ALMANAC 1.4 Volume 1 (pdf)

The MFC Answer Book (pdf)

The Scientific and Technical Library CDROM (pdf)

Thoma: Hydrostatic Power Transmission (pdf)

Thoma: Introduction to Bond Graphs and Their Applications (pdf)

Thoma: Modern Oilhydraulic Engineering (pdf)

Timoshenko, Gere: Mechanics of Materials (pdf)

Timoshenko, Gere: Theory of Elastic Stability (pdf)

Timoshenko, Goodier: Theory of Elasticity (pdf)

Timoshenko: Strength of Materials Part I (pdf)

Timoshenko: Strength of Materials Part II (pdf)

Timoshenko: Theory of Plates and Shells (pdf)

Timoshenko, Young: Theory of Structures 2nd (pdf)

Timoshenko, Young, Weaver: Vibration Problems in Engineering (pdf)

Tompkins, Webster: Interfacing Sensors to the IBM PC (pdf)

Torres: Windows Admin Scripting Little Black Book (pdf)

Traister: Commercial Electrical Wiring (pdf)

Transmission Lines (pdf)

Trigonometry (pdf)

Troelsen: CSharp and the NET Platform (pdf)

Troelsen: Developers Workshop to COM and ATL 3.0 (pdf)

Troelsen: Pro CSharp 2008 and the NET 3.5 Platform 4th (pdf)

Troelsen: Pro CSharp 2008 and the NET 3.5 Platform 4th BW (pdf)

Tuma: Engineering Mathematics Handbook (pdf)

Tuplin: Gear Load Capacity (pdf)

Tuplin: Involute Gear Geometry (pdf)

Vanderbilt: Matrix Structural Analysis (pdf)

VanDerLans: The SQL Guide to SQLite (pdf)

Vector Analysis (pdf)

Vetterling: Numerical Recipes Example Book C (pdf)

Vetterling: Numerical Recipes Example Book FORTRAN (pdf)

Viescas: Building Microsoft Access Applications (pdf)

Viescas: Running Microsoft Access 97 (pdf)

Visual Basic 6 Complete (pdf)

Visual Basic NET Complete (pdf)

Vogel: Involutometry and Trigonometry (pdf)

Vujosevic, Laberge: WAP Integration (pdf)

Wahl: Mechanical Springs (pdf)

Wainwright: Professional Apache 2 0 (pdf)

Waite: Microsoft Quick Basic Bible (pdf)

Walkenbach: Excel 2007 Power Programming with VBA (pdf)

Walkenback: Excel 2007 Power Programming With VBA (pdf)

Wall, Christiansen, Orwant: Programming Perl 3rd (pdf)

Wall, Watson, Whitis: Linux Programming (pdf)

Walnum: Creating Turbo C++ Games (pdf)

Walsh: Advanced 3D Game Programming with DirectX 9.0 (pdf)

Wang: Matrix Methods of Structural Analysis (pdf)

Watson: 60 Hikes Within 60 Miles Twin Cities (pdf)

Watson: Programming Intelligent Agents for the Internet (pdf)

Watts: Engineering Documentation Control Handbook (pdf)

Weaver, Gere: Matrix Analysis of Framed Structures 3rd (pdf)

Weaver, Johnston: Finite Elements for Structural Analysis (pdf)

Weaver, Johnston: Structural Dynamics by Finite Elements (pdf)

Websters Instant Word Guide (pdf)

Websters New World Dictionary (pdf)

Wegner: Tyler Fractal Creations 2nd (pdf)

Weigant: Creating Human Machine Interfaces Using Visual Basic 3rd (pdf)

Weigant: Creating Human Machine Interfaces Using Visual Basic 4th (pdf)

Weissinger: ASP in a Nutshell A Desktop Quick Reference (pdf)

Wei: Developing Three Dimensional CAD Software with the IBM PC (pdf)

Welch: Practical Programming in Tcl and Tk 3rd (pdf)

Welling: PHP and MySQL Web Development 4th (pdf)

Wells, Young: Ray Tracing Creations (pdf)

Welsh, Dalheimer, Kaufman: Running Linux 3rd (pdf)

Welstead: Neural Network and Fuzzy Logic Applications in C C++ (pdf)

Wernecke: The Inventor Mentor (pdf)

Wernecke: The Inventor Mentor BW (pdf)

Wernecke: The Inventor Toolmaker (pdf)

White: An Introduction to the Finite Element Method with Applications to Nonlinear Problems (pdf)

Wigley, Moth, Foot: Microsoft Mobile Development Handbook (pdf)

Wiliams: Microsoft Sharepoint 2003 for Dummies (pdf)

Williams: Java 2 Network Protocols Black Book (pdf)

Williams, Lane: Web Database Applications with PHP and MySQL (pdf)

Williams: MFC Black Book (pdf)

Williams: Professional WordPress Design And Development (pdf)

Wilson: Finite Element Analysis of Two Dimensional Structures (pdf)

Wing: Circuit Theory with Computer Methods (pdf)

Wong: Theory of Ground Vehicles (pdf)

Wowk: Machinery Vibration (pdf)

Wright: OpenGL Super Bible 3rd (pdf)

Wright: OpenGL Super Bible 3rd BW (pdf)

Wright, Sweet: OpenGL Super Bible (pdf)

Wyatt: Using MS DOS 6.22 2ed (pdf)

Wyke, Rehman, Leupen: XML Programming (chm)

Wyke, Rehman, Leupen: XML Programming (pdf)

Yaghmour: Building Embedded Linux Systems (pdf)

Yeaple: Hydraulic and Pneumatic Power and Control (pdf)

Young, Lindner, Kobes: mod perl Developers Cookbook (pdf)

Young: Roarks Formulas for Stress and Strain (pdf)

Yuzwa: Game Programming in C++ Start to Finish (pdf)

Zabir: Building A Web 2.0 Portal With ASP.NET 3.5 (pdf)

Zahavi: The Finite Element Method in Machine Design (pdf)

Zakas: Professional JavaScript For Web Developers 2nd (pdf)

Zienkiewicz: Finite Elements and Approximation (pdf)

Zienkiewicz: Finite Element Method in Engineering Science 2nd (pdf)

Zienkiewicz: The Finite Element Method 3rd (pdf)

Zienkiewicz: The Finite Element Method Vol 1 4th (pdf)

Zienkiewicz: The Finite Element Method Vol 2 4th (pdf)

Zikopoulos, Baklarz, Scott: Apache Derby Off to the Races (pdf)